The Concept Apple iCam

Date: 6 Dec 2011 Comments: 0

Apple iCamAt present, moreover, as always, Apple is trying to develop new activities to identify new markets and generally to be innovative in every niche of modern life. Talking about himself, Steve Jobs, and if you believe the unofficial data the foreseeable future the company will release a brand “smart” TV. Most likely a platform iOS. What will be next?

Italian designer Antonio de Rosa believes that Apple may submit camera under its brand, this theme is dedicated to the concept Apple iCam. This is not a standalone device, and a functional instrument with dock connector on the rear panel to which conveniently connects your iPhone or iPod touch. The product is implemented in a monolithic body, it provides a set of interchangeable lenses Apple, system installation iMount, and front touch screen for self portraits. iCam is equipped with LED flash, built pikoproektor, Bluetooth and a slot for ultra memory cards SD UHS-I.

Apple iCam 2Apple iCam 2Apple iCam 3

The camera features a 10.1-megapixel sensor and supports video recording with high resolution Full HD at 60 fps. The standard covers a range of sensitivity levels from ISO 100 to ISO 3200. In fact the device runs on mobile platforms iOS, and this means that support immediate transfer of footage to social networking plus voice assistant Siri. Unfortunately, the author of the concept does not specify how much would it cost this toy, but probably not a small amount.

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