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The Concept Apple iCam

Date: 6 Dec 2011 Comments:0

At present, moreover, as always, Apple is trying to develop new activities to identify new markets and generally to be innovative in every niche of modern life. Talking about himself, Steve Jobs, and if you believe the unofficial data the foreseeable future the company will release a brand “smart” TV. Most likely a platform iOS. […]

LG Presented the Ultrabook X Note Z330 Thickness 15 mm

Date: 5 Dec 2011 Comments:0

The South Korean company LG announced the ultrabook X Note Z330 with only 14.7 mm thickness, reported resource Akihabara News.

C# Bad Code Examples

Date: 27 Aug 2010 Comments:0

After the success of PHP Bad Code Examples, I decided to write another one about bad code examples, but this time it’s about C# Enjoy: Example 1. /// <summary> /// Returns current UTC time /// </summary> /// <returns></returns> public static DateTime GetCurrentTimeUtc() { DateTime dt = DateTime.UtcNow; return dt; } Example 2. bool value; if(value.ToString.Length() […]


PHP Bad Code Examples

Date: 18 Aug 2010 Comments: 13 so far

I’m little tired of examples how we should write out code. So, here’s a list of really bad PHP code examples. Enjoy Example 1. <?php phpinfo(); if (file_exist(‘../../../../etc/passwd’)) { include(‘../../../../etc/passwd’); } Example 2. if (!isset($_GET[‘month’])) { … } else { if (isset($_POST[‘submit_fin’])) { … } } Example 3. function InitBVar(&$var) { $var = ($var==”Y”) ? […]

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Java 4-Ever

Date: 25 Jun 2010 Comments:0

for the fans of Java and .not

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Create a VB.NET app that can be run in only one instance

Date: 11 Mar 2010 Comments:0

For some application you make want the user to be able to run only one of their instances (ex. an e-mail client). I found an easy way how it can be done. If you are developing an VB.NET Windows Form application, first you will need to get the name of your main module and then […]


Blogging Disadvantages

Date: 10 Mar 2010 Comments: 2 so far

We always read much about advantages of blogging, but in this post is about the disadvantages of blogging. Here some things to consider about blogging: 1. It needs time – it’s the biggest disadvantage, you’ll need to spend a lot of time in planning, writing, learning, etc. 2. It show much about its author – […]

Why is === faster than == in PHP?

Date: 9 Mar 2010 Comments:0

First, let’s remember the definitions of the operators: The Equal operator ($a == $b) returns TRUE when  $a is equal to $b. The Identical ($a === $b)  returns TRUE when $a is equal to $b, and they are of the same type. When we use the identical operator $a === $b, first it checks to […]


WordPress Resources

Date: 8 Mar 2010 Comments:0

If you are a fan of wordpress and you want to learn more about it, here are website where you can learn find wp resources: 1. WP Recipes – quick, clear and concise WordPress recipes. 2. Dig WP – a blog about digging into wordpress. 3. WP Engineer – WordPress news, tipps, hacks, tutorials, plugins […]

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Single huge css file vs. multiple smaller css files

Date: 7 Mar 2010 Comments: 1

In my websites, I usually use a single css file for all css code in the site. Today I though more is it correct to be done instead of adding multiple, but smaller css files, here’s what I found: 1. When you have multiple css files, when a page is loading there’ll be multiple HTTP […]